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This is the biggest (literally) purchase we’ve made yet!  It’s about the size of a dining table and twice as heavy.  But it’s super cool.  David is working on refinishing the top (and possibly repainting the lockers, but we’ll see) so be sure to check out the progress in the workshop.

Happy Monday!


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A little lopsided but no worse for the wear, this table seemed to call to us from afar during our last trip to the Long Beach Antique Market.  We wandered over to inspect and were told that it was picked up at Bob Hope’s house when they sold off his remaining goods awhile back.  We’re fairly skeptical and, with no proof beyond an earnest look from the seller, we can’t really say one way or another.  But this much is true: it’s a great looking table and it’s definitely been around awhile!  And for that, I love it.

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Here’s a lovely little gem that will prove to be a project for both David and I (if we can ever decide exactly what to do with it, that is)

This was found a few weeks ago at the Irvine Antiques Market.  We haven’t done an upholstered piece yet so this is exciting new territory.  Here’s what we’re debating…

1. We could just polish up the wood and reupholster it in hemp, somewhat similar to what is there now.  If it ain’t broke…(except that it MUST get a new cushion)


2. something fresh and fun like this


3. Keep it classy with black and white

and add some pop with a Rubie Green fabric

Why not

4. take an earthy approach with army green and linen

(not a great pic, but you get the idea…)

We just can’t decide!  Send us your comments and suggestions and then follow us as we transform this great find and give it a new life.

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This week I’m starting a new weekly column called Found.  Every Monday I will showcase some of the cool objets that we find on our weekend treasure hunts.

Today’s find is another botanical print, but not just any botanical print!  This one features the creepy Genera (plural for Genus.  Yes, it’s also Science lesson Monday…) of Flytrap.  The print is a chromolithograph from 1907 and it absolutely stunning!  The mere fact that it has held up so well impresses me, but the colors and the detail are just beautiful.  I’m going to have this one professionally framed and you’ll see it in our store, Redefine Home, when we’re up and running in a few months.

Happy Monday!

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Flipping through the new Pottery Barn catalog I came across these cool platter chalkboards

which are just ceramic with chalkboard paint – an idea that seems really easy and fun.  I’ve been scouring flea markets lately so I thought that it would be cool to find some old plates, trays and platters and give it a go myself.  Another great option (though I love the contrast of the chalkboard) would be to use Idea Paint and create a whiteboard center.  In terms of functionality I prefer the white board.  Anyway, I’m going to try this out on some funky plates and I’ll report back.

So dig through your cupboards a little this weekend and see if you come across anything fit to become functional decor.  It’s a great repurpose and totally unique.

Happy Weekend!

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A few weeks ago, while scavenging the Long Beach Antiques Market, we stumbled upon some botanical sketches from a vintage science book.  The art in our home is, well, lacking – we just haven’t quite decided what we like.  But seeing these, David immediately decided he did like them.  Me?  Well, I wasn’t sold but I kept my opinion to myself.

Last weekend, while at the LA Mart, we stumbled into a showroom (see a pattern here?) that featured oversized vintage prints in floating glass frames with a wide wood edge.  This immediately sparked something and from that point on I’ve been very excited about our smaller version of vintage prints.  Now if I could just find the right frame…

this one I found at PierOne.com and it’s the closest thing I’ve come to so far.  But I have to be honest, it’s just not doin’ it for me!  I do have a great source for professional framing so I think I’ll run down there and ask Debby what she would suggest (I don’t love the idea of paying an arm & leg for framing…although the prints were quite a steal!)  Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on what I find.

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We went to the Pasadena Flea Market this weekend.  It’s the first Sunday of every month, in case you haven’t been.  Honestly this visit was a little disappointing compared with some other recent trips, but that is how it goes sometimes.  We did however find a vendor selling a few industrial type pieces (below).   The first was a set of steel storage boxes.  Look at the patina on those storage boxes!  Beautiful.  That is where I get inspiration for posts like last weeks and the line of furniture that you will have to stay tuned for.

The object in the foreground is a rail road tie puller.

If you like what I like, may I suggest using the following search terms on eBay in the “antiques” area: industrial, or machine age.

Here are a few goodies I found in five minutes of searching (all under $100 btw).

Happy shopping!

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