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This is the biggest (literally) purchase we’ve made yet!  It’s about the size of a dining table and twice as heavy.  But it’s super cool.  David is working on refinishing the top (and possibly repainting the lockers, but we’ll see) so be sure to check out the progress in the workshop.

Happy Monday!


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I’m not much of a collector, but maybe I just haven’t found the right collection yet.  These antique architectural and foundry molds are a pretty good contender- I love the varying shapes and sizes and the wood on some of these are just gorgeous.  We’ve been picking them up along the way to put on the shelves at Redefine Home.  Some of them will be going on metal stands, like little architectural sculptures, and some are great just on their own (and some will probably be staying in my home .  Shopping for a living is fun, but better when you get to keep some of the goods!)

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Here’s a lovely little gem that will prove to be a project for both David and I (if we can ever decide exactly what to do with it, that is)

This was found a few weeks ago at the Irvine Antiques Market.  We haven’t done an upholstered piece yet so this is exciting new territory.  Here’s what we’re debating…

1. We could just polish up the wood and reupholster it in hemp, somewhat similar to what is there now.  If it ain’t broke…(except that it MUST get a new cushion)


2. something fresh and fun like this


3. Keep it classy with black and white

and add some pop with a Rubie Green fabric

Why not

4. take an earthy approach with army green and linen

(not a great pic, but you get the idea…)

We just can’t decide!  Send us your comments and suggestions and then follow us as we transform this great find and give it a new life.

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This week I’m starting a new weekly column called Found.  Every Monday I will showcase some of the cool objets that we find on our weekend treasure hunts.

Today’s find is another botanical print, but not just any botanical print!  This one features the creepy Genera (plural for Genus.  Yes, it’s also Science lesson Monday…) of Flytrap.  The print is a chromolithograph from 1907 and it absolutely stunning!  The mere fact that it has held up so well impresses me, but the colors and the detail are just beautiful.  I’m going to have this one professionally framed and you’ll see it in our store, Redefine Home, when we’re up and running in a few months.

Happy Monday!

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