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This is the biggest (literally) purchase we’ve made yet!  It’s about the size of a dining table and twice as heavy.  But it’s super cool.  David is working on refinishing the top (and possibly repainting the lockers, but we’ll see) so be sure to check out the progress in the workshop.

Happy Monday!


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Cork is one of my favorite sustainable materials and I frequently try to squeeze it into design projects (after a short lesson on how great it is, it’s not too hard of a sell).  Add to this list versatility because cork is not just for coasters and flooring, it’s a great non-slip surface in general.  I love this easy project from Martha Stewart to transform a ‘plain jane’ table into an interesting, functional and green piece of furniture.

Cork-Top Table

I think this would look great on a round table or as a replacement for inlaid glass.

Click here for instructions.  You can find cork sheets at your local office supply store.

Happy Weekend!

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Sometimes designing things and getting inspired feels forced, and that never works.  So when I’m “not feelin’ it.”, 1st dibs usually serves as a good muse.   I never leave their site without another pic in the inspiration folder.  It also provides some entertainment, because the prices tend to be stratospheric.  I realize that everyone is not a hands on type of person, but you could literally go to europe for a week, buy the stuff  at a flea market there, then have it shipped back home, for less than what most of the dealers are asking.

Below are a sampling of this weeks virtual shopping trip.  I didn’t include the prices, because you know what they say, “If you have to ask…”

a french bistro table

Wine basket chandelier

A near ancient, Andalucian bench.

All the rage these days, and old bench with linen upholstery.

A Russian armoire (1860)

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Here’s a lovely little gem that will prove to be a project for both David and I (if we can ever decide exactly what to do with it, that is)

This was found a few weeks ago at the Irvine Antiques Market.  We haven’t done an upholstered piece yet so this is exciting new territory.  Here’s what we’re debating…

1. We could just polish up the wood and reupholster it in hemp, somewhat similar to what is there now.  If it ain’t broke…(except that it MUST get a new cushion)


2. something fresh and fun like this


3. Keep it classy with black and white

and add some pop with a Rubie Green fabric

Why not

4. take an earthy approach with army green and linen

(not a great pic, but you get the idea…)

We just can’t decide!  Send us your comments and suggestions and then follow us as we transform this great find and give it a new life.

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This post on one of my favorite blogs, Inhabitat, reminds me of two things: 1) living with roommates my first year at college (minus any sort of ‘design’ at all) 2) a fun project we did in design school, taking old cardboard boxes and replicating famous mid-century furniture.

Either way, I think this is a cool idea and wanted to share

read the full article here

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I’m really glad, now, that I didn’t throw this out.  The size and shape of it are just right for an end table in our place.  As I said in the last post, an 8oz tester was more than enough for the body of the drum.  After painting the drum itself I put some gloss sealer on it to make it shine.  The metal parts were sprayed with Rustoleum’s “Oil Rubbed Bronze”, which as you can see is a satin finish. I think charcoal gray would have looked nice as well. The easiest way to get other metallic colors would be from most auto parts stores, in the touch up aisle.  You could also try painting these parts by hand–I didn’t want brush strokes on mine.  If you do end up using a rattle can, wear a mask!  Home Depot sells charcoal impregnated painting masks that don’t cost too much.  If you are a free dive record holder, you may simply hold your breath.

If I end up “salvaging” more old drums, I am going to play around with applying wall paper or fabric to the drum, and pulling a main color from the print for all the hardware. See Linsi’s posts on fabric and pillows for some inspiration.

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this weeks’ book pick features innovative designs, all made with the earth and it’s people in mind.

This book is a great resource whether you’re just starting to research sustainable design or you know what you want and need to know where to find it!

click here to see it at Amazon

Happy Monday

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