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With my background in architectural design I naturally have a special place in my heart for blueprints.  I remember the ‘good old days’ when I had to stand in a line of students at midterms, waiting my turn to use the blueprint plotter.  The smell of ammonia would overtake the cold, dark room and I was always nervous that I would forget exactly the right order of operations and have a lot of angry kids behind me…

But the outcome was always amazing.  No matter what was plotted it just looked so interesting, so professional.  There is nothing quite like a blueprint, which is why I love these blueprints we found of an old lighthouse, a boat, even a vintage Vegas slot machine!


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A little lopsided but no worse for the wear, this table seemed to call to us from afar during our last trip to the Long Beach Antique Market.  We wandered over to inspect and were told that it was picked up at Bob Hope’s house when they sold off his remaining goods awhile back.  We’re fairly skeptical and, with no proof beyond an earnest look from the seller, we can’t really say one way or another.  But this much is true: it’s a great looking table and it’s definitely been around awhile!  And for that, I love it.

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This week I’m starting a new weekly column called Found.  Every Monday I will showcase some of the cool objets that we find on our weekend treasure hunts.

Today’s find is another botanical print, but not just any botanical print!  This one features the creepy Genera (plural for Genus.  Yes, it’s also Science lesson Monday…) of Flytrap.  The print is a chromolithograph from 1907 and it absolutely stunning!  The mere fact that it has held up so well impresses me, but the colors and the detail are just beautiful.  I’m going to have this one professionally framed and you’ll see it in our store, Redefine Home, when we’re up and running in a few months.

Happy Monday!

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