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I bought a shop  table, on an online auction, from a place that liquidates old school supplies.  It must have sat in some wood, metal, or ceramics shop for quite some time of judging by the, ahem, “patina” on the butcher block tops.  They are thrashed.  The 1st pic shows two tops and the one on the left is beyond hope.  It will be cut into smaller sections and used for some upcoming tables.  The “good” one has already received several hours of love on the top side, and while improving, it has a long way to go until I am happy.  I would’ve just gone to town with a beltsander and been done with it, but I’m trying to salvage the character of it.  This is a fine line I’m walking here.  With the right combo of cleaning, stains, and waxes it will look like a beautiful old table, instead of a piece of trash best left in the junkyard.

I hadn’t paid any attention because it was so filthy, but once I cleaned it I saw beauty in the bottom of the table. I’m going to put a protective coat on the bottom of the “good” top, and have the option of going black.

Twelve lockers in all.  Imagine all the kitchen gadgets we’ll be able to buy now!!  I am probably going to paint the base.  I had planned to leave it for the sake of originality until I looked inside and saw that it been repainted before anyway.


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