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This is the biggest (literally) purchase we’ve made yet!  It’s about the size of a dining table and twice as heavy.  But it’s super cool.  David is working on refinishing the top (and possibly repainting the lockers, but we’ll see) so be sure to check out the progress in the workshop.

Happy Monday!


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This week in the work shop we’ll see progress on the last project, and start a new one.

I do cabinets for a living and the name of the game there is a perfect finish.  No sanding marks, no bubbles, even color, etc…  But it doesn’t seem appropriate for a piece inspired by metalwork and industry.  So instead of using a $2500 spray rig, we used a rag, and a $12 can of Liberon Finishing Oil.  Wipe it on, wait a few minutes, and wipe it off.  Easy as it gets.  If you’ll remember, the walnut we used for the cabinet was old stair tread parts.  The wood needed some sanding to get the factory planing/scraping marks out, but I chose skip this step, with the hope of bringing a little visual interest.

Here it is with the doors mounted, and two coats of finishing oil applied.

Yes it still needs a base.  I have gone back and forth between metal and wood ten times, but at the moment I’m thinking….wood.

New project:  The Drum Table

I was helping mom clean out her attic the other day, and I found a drum I’d stashed there many years ago.  I was going to toss it, but I hate doing that, and after staring at it for a while, I noticed had quite a nice shape for an end table.  The pitted chrome and peeling silver laminate did not, unfortunately, go with our color scheme.

Then I was looking at one of the car forums I frequent and saw a thread on a recent japanese trend of fixing up dodge vans. How awesome is this!

We’re going to follow the  military issue color scheme like these guys had going.  So we got some dark bronze paint in a can for all that hardware, and prairie sage from Glidden for the drum (I bought an 8oz sample from Home Depot which should be plenty to cover the drum itself).

Pardon the picture (it IS sage, I promise).

So much better to re-purpose than to throw away. Don’t you think?  Anyway, when complete, the drum will be GLOSSY and the hardware will be satin or flat.  Maybe a sticker or some army inspired stencils proclaming something very official would be a nice touch.  We’ll see.

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